Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Wedding Journey--Book Review

Cheryl St. John has always been one of my favorite authors.

As well as a great writer of contemporary and historical romance, St. John also writes Inspirational or Christian fiction. 

Her book, The Wedding Journey, is part of a trilogy of Irish lassies that have embarked on a journey to America. This novel centers on Maeve Murphy and the ship’s doctor, Flynn Gallaher. 

Maeve, with her talent for helping others, and the good doctor, who needs an assistant, find themselves working together as they tend to the sick and injured aboard ship. While Maeve’s concern is getting her sisters to America, Dr. Gallaher battles against his attraction to Maeve. In this novel, Ms. St. John does an excellent job creating a picture of Ireland and living aboard a sailing vessel bound for America in the year 1850.

Throughout the book, Cheryl St. John's  love for God is revealed through her characters. 

A good cozy read.

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