Sunday, October 21, 2012

No Safe Harbor by Elizabeth Ludwig

A page turner!

Step back in time and get a glimpse of life for the immigrant Irish in New York.
No Safe Harbor, by Elizabeth Ludwig begins with the historical setting of Ellis Island in the year of 1897. The heroine, Cara Hamilton finds she is all alone when she reaches America and her brother doesn’t come for her. 

Page-after-page, this story is filled with intrigue and dark characters.
As Cara needs to trust those around her while she searches for her brother, she is thrust into a culture of Irish Americans who may not have her best interest at heart.The twists and turns kept me wanting to find out more about who lurks in the shadows and the boardinghouse where Cara stays. And the one she trusts the most—is the very man her brother has warned her to stay away from.

This is a great historical novel filled with suspense and romance. 

The title alone gives the reader an idea of what the book holds!

I recommend this book and look forward to reading Ludwig’s next book in the series, Edge of Freedom.

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