Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hoping for the Right Agent?

I recently read an ebook, How to Land (and Keep) a LiteraryAgent, by Noah Lukeman. One of the things he stresses is that too many writers send off their query letter to one agent and wait.

You should be thinking more like 50, not one.

Be active, investigate—read their blogs, and their websites. Take time to learn about authors who write the type of genre you write—who is their agent. Mr. Lukeman lists many different ways to learn about agents.

Send out those query letters.

The more agents you query, the more likely you are going to find the one who will help you.
Also, Mr. Lukeman gives information on where to go to learn who (authors) these agencies represent, what new book deals they’ve made and how many they’ve sold over the course of a year, and if they’ve made deals with publishers—selling works of new authors or if the agents sell only those authors who are already selling books.

Be informed.

This is your writing career. Don’t fool yourself thinking you should sit back and wait—don’t watch your email box or your mailbox waiting for your career to become what you want. Have you finished writing that  novel and believe it is ready for the world to see? You can change where you are as a writer.

Read Noah Lukeman’s ebook. Currently, it is free at Amazon.