Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Timeless Era

Like yarns of old, I love to watch the old Holiday movies and let them warm my heart. Especially with films that originated from books, such as Little Women.

My mind travels back in time often imagining a wooden cabin with smoke swirling from the neck of the chimney.

The wind howling a fearsome scream, yet the lark sits balancing itself on a nearby branch within my eyesight.

Can it be? He won't be thrown off by a gust of wind?

Oh, how I long to be like that bird throughout life's challenging gusts sometimes. To hang on when it gets rougher and rougher.

Deep in the recesses of the house in my petticoat; just me and my kittens playing with the string that I use to tie up the turkey's legs for dinner.
What a world. In my imagination. In my dreams of times past that I wasn't present for. Oh joy, oh timeless era.